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The Tables

This is where it all happens.  This is where it all goes down.

Our JUST CHILLIN’™ table is now available in black or white for $275.00 each. Pick your favorite look and head to our Shopping cart to order. Our JUST CHILLIN’™ outerwear will be ready soon, but you must have the confidence required to wear our clothes AND play on our table.

JUST CHILLIN’™ has cooling units placed directly beneath the standard sized 6 cup area. So, just plug in our table and you can say sayonara to warm beer forever. Have you ever heard of anything so perfect? Don’t think so. Exactly our thoughts. It took us a while, but this is worth the wait. While you play, ice can actually form on our cooling units. Not too cool to be true.

Our patents were awarded a few months ago, making BDPong your exclusive producer of refrigerated beer pong tables!

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